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As an expert solution provider in the precision casting and CNC machining industry, we can help you with different aspects and overall solution optimization services. We welcome consulting online and visiting our factory!

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The Inspection Includes:
1. Pre-planned inspection, including tooling, types of equipment, and production technique checking.
2. Incoming inspection by an independent material QC before materials are used in production.
3. Sampling inspections at each step of the production process.
4. Chemical composition checked by the spectrometer on site, the report made by QC engineers.
5. Dimension checked by projector or vernier caliper, the report made by QC engineers.
6. Mechanical properties checked by authorized lab if you need(payable) Hardness checked by hardness tester.
7. Some special checking tools.
8. 100% final inspection is conducted in warehouses before shipment. And then we will release inspection reports

    for the customer’s approval before shipment.

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